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Welcome to your Village Council’s online voting page. The polls are now open for our annual election.

As you scroll down the page you will find the President’s letter, the Volunteer Honor Roll, and the candidates bio’s followed by access to your ballot. Thank you for participating with the Village Council.”

Polls will close September 30, 2023 11:59:59 PM PDT

President's Letter

PLVC Letterhead

September 1, 2023

Dear Port Ludlow Property Owners,

We are very pleased to announce that his year’s Annual Members Meeting will be held in-person on Thursday, October 5 starting at 3PM in the Bay Club Auditorium at 120 Spinnaker Place. The results of this year’s election of four directors for the Village Council’s board will be announced at the meeting and a Year-in-Review will be presented highlighting the various activities your Village Council has undertaken in pursuit of its mission to protect, preserve, promote, and unify the Port Ludlow community.

The Village Council relies on two things to accomplish its mission. First are the countless hours of effort volunteered by community members. With the Honor Roll at the end of this letter we wish to acknowledge and thank the 172 individuals who have given their time and expertise in support of our community. As is increasingly the case with volunteer organizations, as many as appear on our Honor Roll, it is still a small percentage of the population we serve. You are encouraged to contact any of our directors or visit our website at plvc.org to explore opportunities for your participation. Many hands make light work.

The second thing we rely on is your generous financial support. As everywhere, costs continue to rise; both direct costs for the resources to support the many committee activities, as well as indirect or overhead costs (e.g., insurance). We ask that you consider donating $25 or more during this election cycle. You can do so online during the voting process, or at any time on our website at plvc.org. All online donations are secured through a third-party service provider. You may also donate by check written to PLVC and left in the ballot boxes at either of the HOA clubhouses or mailed to P.O. Box 65012, Port Ludlow. As a 501(c)(3) your donation may be tax deductible. Any amount is appreciated and will help enable the continued work of your Village Council.

Thank you for being part of the wonderful Port Ludlow community and for your support of the Village Council.

David McDermid, President

www.plvc.org PO Box 65012, Port Ludlow, WA 98365

Candidate Biographies

Candidate: John Goldwood

Hi – I’m John Goldwood and look forward to serving on the PLVC Board of Directors. My wife Kristi and I arrived in Port Ludlow in February 2019 shortly after our retirement.

After early years in the Midwest (Ohio and Illinois) I arrived in the Pacific Northwest over 50 years ago courtesy of a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound. With brief departures for Alaska in the late 1970’s, and to Los Angeles for the six years prior to retirement, the Pacific Northwest has been my home.

My career was focused on over 35 years of business development in the medical software industry, working with software companies who provide applications to enhance electronic medical record solutions in medical offices, hospitals, and integrated delivery networks.

I have served a year on our Trails Committee, a year as a contributing writer and features editor for the Port Ludlow Voice and have shared the joy of four years of frigid mornings hanging holiday lights at the Village Center. I currently serve on the board of Greenview Village HOA, and coordinate Styrofoam collection efforts here in Port Ludlow. Other volunteer efforts include serving on the administrative board of First Presbyterian Church of Port Townsend, as well as volunteering with several local Natural History organizations including the Jefferson Land Trust and Friends of Fort Flagler.

Candidate: Paul Hinton

My name is Paul Hinton. My last employment was with Boeing. When I had a weekend off, I would often ride the ferries for the sheer pleasure of the natural beauty viewed from the water.

One of those rides took me to Port Townsend. I was hooked. After I retired and my grandchildren reached adulthood, I succumbed to the call of the Northwest and moved to Port Ludlow in 2016. It was and remains wonderful.

I have served on the Village Council starting in 2016 continuing to the present time. I believe our primary mission of preserving the beauty of this place is worth our best effort and hope to continue in that work.


Candidate: Adina Rivers

My name is Adina Rivers, an invested member of the community. I hope to serve as Secretary on the PLVC Board and be a member of the Communications committee. I believe that I have valuable experience for these positions. I’m a grandmother to five grandchildren and three step-grandchildren. I am a native of Louisiana, in the New Orleans Metro area.

Once my husband and I decided to retire we visited Port Ludlow. We fell in love with the beauty here on the peninsula. We moved to the Inner Harbor Village in September 2022.

My career was in the legal field for 24 years. I was employed at the St. Tammany Parish Clerk’s Office in Louisiana as a minute clerk. I took minutes for court proceedings (both civil and criminal cases), entered and preserved all evidence, and processed judgements.

One of my goals after retiring was to be a community volunteer. I can offer my time and expertise to the PLVC Board of Directors and look forward to helping with public awareness about PLVC and the community should I be elected.

Candidate: Jason Wright

My name is Jason Wright. I have been married for 30 years, I have two girls, ages 24 and 28. I live in South Bay at 12 Driftwood Ct. I was a director on the Woodcrest Loop HOA board in Silverdale from 2018-2020. I was the Chairman of the Board for the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce in 2020 and a director from 2017 - 2019. I was on the Board of the Silverdale Rotary Club from 2017 to 2020 as the Membership Chair. I was an Associate Director on the Kitsap Builders Association from 2017-2020 and served as the Secretary on the Executive Board for the Kitsap Builders Association from 2019-2020. I was on the Board of the Kathleen Sutton Fund from 2019-2020.

I am also a member of the Port Ludlow Yacht Club, Port Ludlow Fly Fishers Club, and the Cribbage Club. I have lived in Port Ludlow since February 2021. I am currently a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones and am in the process of relocating my practice to Port Ludlow.

2023 Volunteer Honor Roll

Aven Andersen
Mike Bainter
Jay Bakst
Jean Belding
Tom Belding
Glen Bell
Deb Berry
Ed Berthiaume
Karen Best
Misti Birkman
Cathleen Blackburn
David Blessing
Dave Bobanick
Mike Boock
Debbie Cacho
Merrilyn Carpenter
Gail Chanpong
Robert Chanpong
Dave Codier
Pauline Collet
Bill Couch
Paul Courtney
Ron Cox
Bob Cross
Susan Cross
Madelyn Curll
Dan Darrow
Soozie Darrow
Ron Dawson
Bill Dean
Chris Dean
Janet DeDonoto
Larry Dekker
June deMers
Julie Dennison
Piper Diehl
Trish Drew
Ann Dutton
Randy Edwards
Sue Eliot
John Fillers
Damon Finney
Viktor Gecas
Cheri Gerstenberger
Chuck Gerstenberger
Steve Gill
Terra Girard
John Goldwood
Jim Gormly
Tink Green
John Griffith
Karen Griffith
Larry Hall
Rob Hamilton
Eric Hammond
Janette Hammond
Brad Hart
Polly Hart
Dwight Hauptman
Paul Hinton
Jane Holmes
John Holtgraves
Katherine Holtgraves
Dan Holtz
Doug Huber
Bob Humphries
Allen Israel
Harry James
Harold Jensen
Bill Johnson
Errol Johnson
Ginger Johnson
Joan Johnston
David Jurca
Jerry Keck
Stuart Kerber
Austin Kerr
Allan Kiesler
Nancy Kiesler
Dave Kimmel
Mary Kimmel
Joana King-James
Dennis Klain
Jim Kocker
Matt Kolbeck
Jim Kryzewski
Chester Landacre
Carlos Leglu
Kerry Leglu
Renee Lehr
Allison Leonard
Jennifer Levcun
Dave Lewis
John Little
Lori Longo
Linda Lowe
Milt Lum
Rob MacLeod
Mark Makarowski
John Malczyk
Kevin Mangan
Judy McCay
Anne McClure
Dave McDearmid
Tamra McDearmid
Mike McLeron
Spencer McPherson
Russ Michel
Jim Moffitt
Adele Morgan
Dean Morgan
John Morris
Ray Morris
Jim Mueller
Jane Navone
Lori Nelson
Amy Nieman
Stephan Nieman
Mike Nilssen
Dan Norris
Vickie Norris
John Nuerenberg
Alice Oliver
John Olson
Jane Opalko
Terry Oswald
Phil Otness
Nancy Pendergast
Barbara Pratt
Jeannie Price
Carol Records
Tim Rensema
Jack Riggen
Carol Riley
Kathy Robertson
Eric Salmassy
Jeff Sarantopulos
Bill Schaefer
Dave Schmuhl
Denny Schuch
Rick Schurman
Larry Scott
Robyn Shackelford
Susan Shadrick
Russ Sharp
Dan Shohbozian
Doug Smith
Ken Sondergard
Tom Sprandel
Caleb Summerfelt
Jay Syverson
Jim Tallman
Roxann Taylor
Don Thompson
Mike Towner
Frank Trafton
Derrel Triplett
Diana Triplett
Randy Triplett
Dani Turissini
Rhonda Turner
Sheila Twohey
Terry Umbreit
Neil Vroegop
David Wait
Janell Wait
Jeff Welker
Karen West
Chris Wheatley
Jim White
Jason Wright
Tom Zenner

“Higher enlightenment is not attainable without
love for serving one’s community.”
                   – Ali Ghambari

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